Sali 5312 12mm 1500W Professional Quality Wooden Electric Router
Professional Quality Wooden Electric Router Sali 5312 12mm 2. Product Feature 1. Product Description 1. Correct adjusting 2). Antiskid comfort with a soft grip 3. A powerful motor for effective cutting or grinding 4. An aluminum base ensures stability and operating safety. 5. A simple system for installing blades quickly. 6. Multiple air inlets create quick cooling while preventing machine burning. 7. Dust covers can keep out dust, changing the normal.
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27/01/2023 08:40
2030 Wood Furniture Woodworking Carving CNC Router for Wooden Door Furnitures Cabinets
2030 Woodworking Carving Furniture Wooden door furniture and cabinet CNC router Application Suitable for large panel cutting, large relief carving products, and large carpentry engraving. Wood furniture and wooden crafts processing industry. Materials that can be used include non-metal panels made of solid wood, artificial board, acrylics, PVC, MDF, plexiglass, and plastic. The three axes adopt the Taiwan straight square rail, which is an advantage. Strong, anti-dust
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1600W Customized Router Machine Professional Hand Tool Wood Electric Router
Our company is a reputable supplier of power tool spare parts. Impact drill, marble cutter, rotary hammer, circular saw, jigsaw, demolition hammer, angle grinder, etc. All of the spare parts for these machines are of the highest quality, best price, and best service. 1. Components are packaged in a carton box, plastic bag, or bubble bag. 2. A carton box is used to pack the machines. 3. Packaging options can be customized to meet customer needs. 1. Your question regarding our products or costs
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Woodworking Heavy Duty CNC Router for Wooden Furniture
Production of furniture, wardrobes, and cabinets using CNC cutting technology Large work area CNC cutting centers are perfect for heavy-duty furniture manufacturing. Show Products technical criterion Working space 1220x2440x300mm Uploading and downloading automatically Optional Maximum speed of 80000 mm per minute maximum working speed of 40.000 mm/min Drive motors with HSD spindle powers of 4.5 and 6 kilowatts each Japanese servo System SYNTEC system Rack and gear (German Brand) X, Y axis trans
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27/01/2023 08:40
ZICAR woodworking machine CNC  router CR1325 for wood cutting With high quality for sell
Application: The machine is extensively used in the fabrication of wooden doors, home décor, and the processing of furniture. Suitable for big panel cutting and large relief items in the furniture and wooden crafts processing industries. Materials that may be used include MDF, acrylic, PVC, and solid wood panels. Features: 1. Imported linear square orbit and loading cap are used in Taiwan's linear guide rail.
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27/01/2023 08:40
CNC Milling Machine Automatic Tool Changer Linear Atc CNC Router for Making Wood Furniture
WOODWORKING CNC ROUTER MACHINE Technical Specifications: 1) A strong, always-in-tune lathe bed made of welded steel pipe 2)Y axis double motors and drivers to ensure steady motion Rack gear transmission guarantees quick acceleration and high precision. 4) Imported HIWIN square rail guarantees high accuracy and a demanding workload 5) Machine with Multech system, 4 pieces of ATC tools, and a Delta servo motor. 6)Humanistic design,the machine can be disassembled,so it is easily transporte
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27/01/2023 08:40
Desktop CNC Wood Rotary Router for Panel Process
Merchandise Description Computer-controlled machines called CNC routers are used in the woodworking industry to cut a variety of materials. To give you the accuracy and precision you need from every cut, the machine's path is guided by computer numerical control. Whether you have a commercial application, a small business at home or just starting out, or even a hobby that
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5 Axis CNC Carving Cutting Machine Router Wood Milling Woodworking Machinery Atc CNC Router for Sale
Wood Milling Woodworking Machinery Atc CNC Router for Sale 5 Axis CNC Carving Cutting Features of the 5 Axis CNC Carving Cutting Machine Router Wood Milling Woodworking Equipment Atc CNC Router for Sale Used for drilling, milling, and cutting industrial aluminum area and various aluminum profile shapes, such as mold production, ship, rail traffic, automobile buffer beam, photovoltaic, aluminum window door and curtain wall industry, aluminum furnishings,
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27/01/2023 08:40
Air Cooling Wood CNC Router 3 Axis Woodwork Machinery 1325 Cutting Engraving Machine
Woodworking Machinery Air Cooling CNC Router, 3 Axis, 1325 Cutting Engraving Machine Specifications and Features This 3 axis CNC Wood Router machine is also known as the 4*8FT cnc router1325 table size. With a common working size of 1325(13002500cm), it is appropriate for the furniture and woodwork industries as well as for research into technology, advertising design, artistic creation, and hobbies. Tech Information: Description Model Apex1325 Parameter Working Dimensions 1300*2500*200mm Contro
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27/01/2023 08:40
Jinan CNC Router Manufacturer Wholesale CNC Router Machine Camel CNC OEM Wood CNC Router 1325 1530 2030 for Sale
Jinan CNC router manufacturer and wholesaler of CNC router equipment For sale is the CAMEL CNC OEM wood cnc router 1325 1530 2030. Principal Configuration 1 working area of 1300 by 2500 mm NC studio control system for two 3 water-cooled spindle 3.2kw Aluminum and PVC working table with four T-slots Stepper drive and motor Specific Pictures Cnc router features include: 1. The Y axis's double motors and drivers guarantee steady motion. 2. Rack gear transmission ensures high accuracy and rapid spee
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Woodworking Machinery Solid Wood MDF Automatic Tool Blade Store Change System Atc Cutting Drilling Processing Center Machine CNC Router
We offer premium ATC CNC milling and routing equipment. Display of Products 2. Product Information Model NN708 4SR Working area (X, Y, and Z axes) 1320*2540*200mm Machine Body The bed lathe is made of thick square weld steel, which ensures a more stable working table. Working table size 1220*2440mm. Vacuum-assisted worktable 9 kW Spindle motor Spindle with air cooling (24000rpm) driving 1.1kw*3 servo motor Motor 7.5 kW vacuum pump motor 11 kW water-cooled frequency motor Knife s
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27/01/2023 08:41
China Maxicam 5 Axis 1212 CNC Router for Wood Foam with Twin Table for Acrylic MDF Hard Wood Metal Milling Carving 3D Stereoscopic Working Machine
High Quality 5Axis CNC Machine Wood Router from China Factory Supplier Features: Powerful and user-friendly European OSAI control system with high precision. Large format, 1.5 meter Z axis travel is suitable for three dimensional surface protection on a large scale. Cross-border protection processing that is intelligent. The quality of processed products can be greatly improved by diversified control, which can guarantee processing speed, idling speed, and cutting speed.
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27/01/2023 08:41
Jinan Ca-1325 1530 2030 Wood CNC Router Machine Furniture Cabinets Cutting 3D Engraving Auto Tool Change Atc CNC Router with 9kw Spindle
Jinan Ca-1325 1530 2030 Wood CNC Router Furniture Cabinets Cutting 3D Engraving Auto Tool Change 9kw Spindle Atc CNC Router Working area for Main Configuration 1: 1300x2500x200mm 3 9kw 2 Taiwan LNC Control system Air-cooled spinlde 4 T-slot vacuum table with 5.5kw vacuum pump, 1.5kw Leadshine servo motor, and 6 linear auto tool change magazines ATC CNC Router Specifications in Detailed Photos: Excellent 9KW Air conditioning Au
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27/01/2023 08:41
Wood Cabinet 3axis 4 Axis 3D Woodworking Machinery Engraving Machine Atc CNC Router with CE
Specification Size of Worktable (mm): 1300 by 2500 Device Type CNC Routing 1300mm Travel (X Axis) (Y Axis) Travel: 2500mm (X, Y, Z) Repeatability (mm) 0.02mm If CNC, then CNC Location of Origin Dimensions (L*W*H): 2200*3500*2200mm Certification: CE/SGS Liaocheng, Shandong Power (kW) (kW) 9KW One year of warranty How do you deliver? Choose from shipping by sea, air, or rail; it will be packaged in typical export wooden cases. What are your advantages? A: Reputable company with fair prices and qua
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Youhao Mini CNC Wood Working Cutting Router Machine Woodworking Machinery CNC Router for Cutting Engraving Wood Aluminum Model
Youhao Mini CNC Woodworking Cutting Router Woodworking Equipment CNC Router for Cutting Aluminum Model Product Parameters Product Description Version YH-6090 600 mm x 900 mm x 200 mm X, Y, and Z axes are transmitted via gear and rack, respectively, and a rolling ball screw motor, respectively Stepper motor and driver made of lead Spindle motor speed range: 0 to 24000 rpm/min System of command DSP A11 System of command Limit stop Omron etromic and a hard limit stop Inverte
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27/01/2023 08:41
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