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Rugged. Reliable. Durable.


Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment manufactures rugged and reliable log splitters, processors and conveyors right here in the United States. Our products are The Pro’s Choice and are sold and serviced through a select knowledgeable dealer network to make sure your investment serves you for many years.

Choosing your next Timberwolf product is easy. Feel free to browse our machines on this site or, if you’re not sure where to start, select ‘Choosing the Right Machine’ to get yourself going. You can also call us directly at (800) 340-4386 to speak with a representative.

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Choosing the best log splitter for the job is a big decision. Whether you use it for splitting your own firewood or have a commercial operation, Timberwolf splitters can yield enough split wood to burn past your wildest expectations. And, each firewood splitter is built to last, right here in the USA.

See our entire line of splitters.

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For maximum productivity, a Timberwolf conveyor will move your split firewood out of the way efficiently. All of Timberwolf’s commercial-grade firewood conveyors come standard with a reliable Honda engine or can be custom-built to run off of your processor’s hydraulics.

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Since our start nearly two decades ago, we’ve built hundreds of firewood processors, and have developed a line of quality machinery that gets the job done and saves time. We build our equipment according to the highest standards in the industry, using only the finest materials available. Every Timberwolf processor is proudly built right here in the USA.

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"I gotta say Dave that wood splitter never ceases to amaze me. The picture doesn't do it justice but I dropped an oak that had died due to a chain wrapped around it years ago girdled it causing it to die. The piece with the chain was probably 20-22" diameter with knots from branches. The tree had grown completely around the chain. I had to set it on the splitter with the backhoe. The splitter not only split the chunk but ripped the chain apart as well. Only a 1/4" chain but still impressed me. Thought you would get a kick out of that. Best investment I've ever made. Thanks again." ~ Gary Proulx, Markem-Imaje Field Service
"I process and burn approximately 16 cords of wood per year in three houses. We currently own 3 TW-P1 splitters, one for each house! I have been across the county due to my work. Whenever I see a farm and equipment supplier (store) I stop to see what they sell. I can tell you hands down Timberwolf is the best made splitter on the market. From frame to pump to engine, this machine loves to work. The TW-P1 is the PERFECT size to haul behind a truck or 4 wheeler and if you can lift it onto the beam it WILL split it. I have been known to lift a few on with the tractor if we tire of lifting them!!! I almost wish the TW-P1 would wear out so that I could get a new model!" ~ Guerry Dotson, Canton Center, CT

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