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Mj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for Sale

Mj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for Sale
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Mj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for SaleMj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for SaleMj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for SaleMj3210 Woodworking Bandsaw / Vertical Wood Band Sawmill for Sale
All transmission parts of the vertical woodworking band saw machine adopt sealing structure for easy operation. The base, upper and lower saw wheels and worktable are made of cast iron. Two saw wheels with the same diameter are installed above and below the machine body respectively, and the upper saw wheel can be adjusted up and down to facilitate loading and unloading the saw blade and adjust the tension of the saw blade. The lower saw wheel is a driving wheel, which is driven by a belt pulley. In order to reduce the wear and noise of saw blade and saw wheel, a layer of belt is wound around the wheel edge of saw wheel. The worktable is directly installed on the machine body, and there is a gap in the middle as the path of the saw blade. In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging left and right during sawing, a saw clip is installed under and above the worktable, the lower saw card is directly installed under the worktable, and the upper saw card is installed on the machine body and can move up and down. There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backward, it plays a restrictive role and does not cause the saw blade to fall. The machine tool adopts the method of centralized discharge of saw dust to clean the working place.
Saw wheel diameter(mm)1070900800600
Saw wheel width(mm)12510010060
Saw wheel speed(r/min)750750850800
Max center distance between two saw wheels(mm)1850170014501200
Mini center distance between two saw wheels(mm)1600160013001100
Diameter of sawn timber(Φmm)1000800700600
Band saw blade specification(mm)7050×150×1.256150×125×0.95400×100×0.94400×75×0.7
Motor power(kw)22157.5-115.5-7.5
Motor speed(r/min)1500146014401440
Sawing efficiency(m³/h)70504020
Machine dimension(mm)1450×1060×29201500×970×25001200×600×22501300×800×1850
Machine weight(kg)1100950800680
Sawing thickness range(mm)15-117510-1755-1405-200

1.What about the payment term&price term?
As usual, we accept T/T as the payment term, and the price term FOB is ok.
2.Are you a trading company or a factory?
Xingtai Sichuang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in Hebei Province, China. we have specialized in we have specialized in crane&winch over 10 years, our high quality products were welcomed in many countries. 

3.How do you make your price?
We make the price according to our comprehensive costing. And our price will lower than the trade company because we are manufacture.You will get competitive price and better quality.

4.How about the packing?
Outside Package: Wooden packing case as export standard ; Inside Package: Stretch film

5. What's the delivery time?
Usually, we will delivery the goods within 15-20 working days, but this is aim at 1-10 pieces products, if more quantity, it depends.

6. Questions before quotation?
Capacity? Lifting height? Voltage? Quantity? The more details the more accurate price quotation. Thank you.

7.what about our winches features?
1, Compact structure and reasonable design
2, Easy to install, operate and maintenance
3, Low noise and good working condition
4, Three-phase power supply, suitable for a wide range of applications
5, Simple structure, easy to identify the cause of the failure, easy to repair and maintain