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Powerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face Veneer

Powerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face Veneer
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Powerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face VeneerPowerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face VeneerPowerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face VeneerPowerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face Veneer
Powerful Vineer Peeling Lathe for Accurate Thin Face Veneer
For save your precious time, welcome directly tell me your requires about veneer peeling machine,
i will offer the suitable machine details for your reference.
                                                                                            -----Lucinda/sales manager

                               Strong, Heavy Duty, Accurate thickness 8feet veneer peeling machine

For producing good quality wood veneer, it has high requires of veneer peeling machine, according to wood material, diameter, thickness you want and others, veneer peeling machine will have different configuration.

8FEET Veneer peeling machine, everytime we produce machine for our clients, we do better. 8feet veneer machine can peel log length 2600mm, the structure of veneer peeling machine is very strong to peel hardwood, the most important thing is: can help you produce very accurate wood veneer. which will be very helpful for your business
name veneer peeling machine
max log length2600mm
max log diameter600mm
power 60.5kw

Character of machine parts:

<1> The steel plate of veneer peeling lathe, using very thick one
<2> Adjust veneer size like width, thickness through cnc screen, very convenient.
<3> The bottom is one solid steel plate, make sure veneer machine strong and stable.
<4> The total motors and reducers all use good and big one, offer powerful energy to driving machine working.
<5> The cross-roller make the left core diameter very small, improve your wood utilization.
<6> Precise feed screw make sure veneer thickness accuracy.

Veneer show:

The purpose buy veneer peeling machine, is can producing good quality wood veneer, whatever you use by yourself for making plywood, or you sell to plywood factory, this will be helpful for your business.

And this what our factory insist do, make veneer machine better and better, help our clients business going better and create much benefits.

Everytime when we finish production of veneer lathe machine, we will test machine to make sure it is in good conditions, and as we thought, the veneer thickness is very accurate, and the surface very smooth.


All our veneer machine and plywood machine have CE and test report. and we will offer all documents for you do custom clearance.

With many years improvement and development, our factory has been one of the top suppliers in China, with professional designers and experienced workers, good sales team and after-sales team, we have ability, confident and sincere offer you good veneer machine and plywood machine.

Our machine includes: wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker, knfie grinder, veneer dryer machine, veneer roller dryer, veneer mesh dryer, glue spreader, cold press machine, hot press machine, plywood edge cutting saw machine, sanding machine, calibrating machine, polishing machine, lift table.

Before order machine, we welcome you come to visit our factory and check machine by yourself. once we start cooperate, we have become your good partner and friend always, because we know the world is so big, we cherish this relationship, and we will spare no efforts to offer you good machine and help your business develops better and better.

Machine show:

veneer peeling machine has different types, some suitable for peeling softwood like poplar, some suitable for peeling hardwood, 
some is common type, some is high configuration.
we not offer you the most expensive veneer machine, we offer you the most suitable machine.
we focus on each production step, try our best make machine well.

Our clients:

When we start cooperate, we will offer you life span service, always be there help you solve problem and give professional suggestions.

when machine after custom clearance, soon reach your factory, our engineer will prepare go to install your machine, and teach your worker how to operate and maintain.

Before we produce your machine, our engineer will be together have a meeting discuss how to design your machine, which place we can upgrade again, which place we can make it stronger again. so we can promise the machine offered to you, must very good quality and good working conditions.


>>> Before delivery, we will test veneer machine and send you test video.
>>>When loading, we will share loading pictures with you.
>>> After ship leave, we will offer container and ship information to you.

Some Question you may want to know:

1> Warranty
    2 years for main parts.
2> Production time

    1 month
3> Installation
     our engineer can go to install machine.
4> Documents
     All you need for do custom clearance, we all offer.
5> Payment terms
     T/T. L/C
6> Customize machine
     except the standard size 4feet and 8feet, yes, we can customize veneer machine.