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Timberwolf Manufacturing Corp. Unveils TW-PRO MP XL Firewood Processor

TW PRO-MP XL Firewood ProcessorTimberwolf Manufacturing Corp, manufacturer and distributor of durable, high quality wood processing equipment, today announced the unveiling of the newest addition to their line of firewood processors; the TW-PRO MP XL. This model weighs in at 5,750lbs and features a powerful 45 HP Mitsubishi Power Plant. The TW-PRO MP XL’s 22-22-8gpm three part hydraulic pump runs all processing functions and provides the ability to hydraulically operate an attached conveyor. This firewood processor can handle logs up to 22in in diameter and 14ft long, rendered salable firewood within an impressive 4.5-second cycle time.

The TW-PRO MP XL showcases a number of timesaving functions, beginning with the simply deployed and retracted live deck, which features a hydraulic winch as standard fare, but can be equipped with a hydraulic piston for even faster setup and takedown. Once loaded onto the live deck, logs progress via the TW-PRO MP XL’s chain-run, 10ft long feed trough to the patented Top Roll Clamping System, which applies an even, automatic pressure to hold logs firmly in place for a cut while allowing knots and irregularities to pass smoothly through.

From there, the 25in hydraulic chain saw, which utilizes a .404 chain gauge, cleanly feathers through passing clamped logs, which then drop into the log carriage. The 4in diameter splitter cylinder makes short work of the remaining pieces. The TW-PRO MP XL is standard equipped with electric auto cycle for push button efficiency in regulating splitting cycles, and a hydraulic oil cooler to maintain an even operating temperature for hydraulic fluid in warmer months. Maximum hydraulic oil capacity is 40 gallons.

The TW-PRO MP XL firewood processor is standard equipped with a removable operator seat and 6-Way Wedge. An additional 4-Way Wedge is also available. All of this Timberwolf firewood processor’s functions can be controlled by a single operator, making this machine the most cost effective and efficient of its kind currently available on the market.

About Timberwolf Wood Processing Equipment

Yankee engineering and rugged dependability go into every Timberwolf machine. The comprehensive product line includes 6 different firewood processors, and 10 conveyors—each one built to be the best match for the job. Timberwolf processors are manufactured in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Whether you split wood full time, for extra money, or for your own use—any Timberwolf firewood processor or conveyor you choose will provide the durability and performance you would expect from the best firewood processing machines you can buy.

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