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Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation Processor Wins First Place in Sawmill & Woodlot Firewood Shoot-Out

January 2017 - Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation recently nailed a double first-place win in the Sawmill & Woodlot Firewood Shoot-Out side-by-side match up of leading firewood processors and splitters.

Timberwolf's TW Pro MPX - with its robust 47 HP Mitsubishi power plant and faster cycle time - won first place in the firewood processor Shoot-Out against worldwide competitors. The TW Pro MPX handily processed 0.79 cord in13 minutes, 48 seconds, a rate of 3.43 cords per hour. Kevin Downs and Matt Mackey, veteran firewood business operators, were new to the TW Pro MX but quickly got into rhythm and kept logs moving to beat out other competitors from around the world. 

The TW Pro MPX processor was one of two winners at the latest Shoot-Out. Timberwolf's TW 5FC firewood splitter also captured first place in the competition. Winners and full details of the Shoot-Out were announced in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine.

TW Pro MPX won First Place

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