Meet the dedicated team behind Timberwolfcorp!

Our Community Support Specialists are at the heart of the community - they are the ones who communicate with you, review deals, comments and reports. They ensure that you can trust the information on the website and help users feel comfortable when they contribute to the community!

Our editors attach great importance to presenting you with the best content: They search for their own deals everywhere, especially in their areas of expertise, and work closely with our partner management team, so that you can benefit from the best offers every day. Sometimes our editors request price reductions and evaluate the relevance of the offers sent by the partners. In order to ensure absolute neutrality, both teams adhere to a number of guidelines to ensure high-quality content for the community and thus add value to all parties involved. It is then up to the community members to vote on these offers and express their opinions.

Building relationships to get great deals from dealers is the main task of our partner managers. Normally you don't see them interacting directly on the platform, but their role is just as important as that of other teams. Partner managers are a bridge between our community, our editors and dealers. So you can benefit from exclusive, negotiated offers. As a result, you get early access to sales or your favorite offers will be expanded.

Sharing the best deals on social media, creating newsletters and other helpful content with love and getting gifts regularly so that you can find the best deals every day and everyone knows how great our community is - these are the central tasks of our marketing team.

From time to time, it also happens that former employees of Timberwolfcorp receive new responsibilities and are therefore no longer only responsible for Timberwolfcorp. Of course, they are no longer part of the Timberwolfcorp team, but on the other hand they are somehow part of it.