15layers 500t Automatic Plywood Hot Press Machine
YHHPR-50-15A is the model number. 5 00T nominal pressure 15 layers Transverse board s inlet method 70 mm opening distance There are 16 hot plates. Hot platen dimensions: 1370*2700*42mm pipeline with a hot platen inside: two inlets and two outputs 2 pieces of cylinders total 3 60 mm is the size of the primary cylinders. Cylinder working stroke: 1050mm Pressure that is permitted: = 25 Mpa No-loading window closing: 1.5–18 seconds Low pressure pump flow: 250*2 pieces Permitted pressureBusiness Ty
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27/03/2023 12:12
QMB418E Woodworking Machinery Wood Planer Four-Side Planer
Woodworking machinery with a four-sided moulder and a planer for solid wood Model QMB418E Specs QMB418E 20–180 mm as the working width 8-100 mm working thickness Minimum working time (continuous or intermittent) 530/300 mm Spindle diameter: 40 mm 8–33 m/s for feeding Spindle speed: The first spindle rotated at 6800 revolutions per minute. 8000 rpm is another spindle speed. First bottom cutter's cutter diameter is 125 mm. Vertical cutter, left/right, 115–170 mm Upper cutter number oneBusine
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27/03/2023 12:12
Stainless steel pipe making machine manufacturer in china tube mill
Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd offer different stainless steel tube mill pipe production line manufacturing machine, covering range from 6mm to 325mm. (0.24''to12.7''pipe diameter), and thickness is 0.2mm to 6.0mm round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well. PipeThickness(mm)  Capacity(m/min)   Weight(T)  Installation(L*W m)   220V/380V/415V/440VBuilding construc tion,furniture,hand ,railing,fence, household,Curtain p ipe etcDecorative pipe making...
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27/03/2023 12:12
Automatic plywood cutting machine wood multi blade saw machine for floor wooden board plank
 The main function of multi-blade sawing machine is cutting wood board to sized sheet pieces.Multiple blade saw safe and simple operation, saw shaft has precise machining, make the whole machine work more stable and smooth, ensure the sheet after cutting are smoothness and precise straightness. Multiple Blade Saw Main Features:1.Humanized design of working platform, easy and smooth feeding.2.It can process long, broken, thin, thick and other types of plates.3.The worktable is equipped with fr...
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27/03/2023 12:12
CNC 4 Side Planer Machine Heavy Duty for Wooden Roof Beam
Heavy Duty CNC 4 Side Planer for Wooden Roof Beam Specifications Major Point 1. Use interface control and stepless speed regulation with feeding speeds of 6–36 M/min. 2.1 The system is available in both English and Chinese for the user's convenience. 2.2 The CNC system's interface allows for the setting of all settings. The interface allows you to input information about items, tools, processing width and thickness, and it displays that information. 2.3 You may also adjust the feedingYear of E
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High Capacity Automatic multibar wooden stick bar making machine wood round stick rod making machine for sale
High Capacity Automatic Multibar Wooden Stick Bar Making Machine Wood Round Stick Rod Making Machine For Sale , Find Complete Details about High Capacity Automatic Multibar Wooden Stick Bar Making Machine Wood Round Stick Rod Making Machine For Sale,Automatic High Precision Multi Bars Multi Pcs Round Stick Machine Woodworking Machine From China,Wood Thread Machine / Wooden Round Bar Machine Can Customized With Customer,New Developed High Speed Wood Rod / Bar Rounding Machine / Walking Stick M...
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Woodpro 1300x2500mm CNC Milling Carving Machine table size wooden door cnc wood router furniture machinery
Woodpro 1300x2500mm Cnc Milling Carving Machine Table Size Wooden Door Cnc Wood Router Furniture Machinery , Find Complete Details about Woodpro 1300x2500mm Cnc Milling Carving Machine Table Size Wooden Door Cnc Wood Router Furniture Machinery,Wood Carving Machine,Cnc Router Machine,Cnc Router Machine 1325 Table Size from Sichuan Vanwood Technology Co., Ltd. Supplier or Manufacturer on Alibaba.com...
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CNC Core Veneer Paving Machine/Wood Veneer Cutting Machine Hot Sell
Product Description Paving Machine for Veneers The numerical control plate laying machine's entire machine system uses PLC microcomputer control and frequency converter speed regulation to achieve automatic stacking and automatic cutting to length. The pavement of various multilayer boards, building blueprints, furniture boards, and other boards are all applicable. Cost savings and material conservation are its benefits.Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory Number of Employees: 23 Year of Esta
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27/03/2023 12:11
Mini CNC Carving and Milling Machine Small CNC Router 6090 3 Axis CNC Router for Wood Engraving and Cutting
Technical Parameters For A Tiny CNC Carving And Milling Machine Little CNC Router 6090 3 Axis CNC Router For Wood Engraving And Cutting SKA-6090, SKA-1212, and SKA-1218 models 600*900mm/1200*1200mm/1200*1800mm Customizable Working Area Body Structure Gear rack X, Y, and thicker steel produced lathe Z Structure Taiwan HIWIN Square Rails Transmission Type Taiwan TBI Ball Screw Maximum Moving Speed 70000mm/min Maximum Engraving Speed 50000mm/min Spindle Power 2.2kwBusiness Type: Manufacturer/Factor
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Kws 6*70 Rh/Lh Hw Dowel Drills for Through Hole on Wood and Wood Composites Laminate MDF Chipboard CNC Drill Bits
DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT China's top producer of high-quality industrial boring bits is KWS. Dowel, through hole, twist, hinge boring bits, and diamond woodworking tools are just a few of the numerous products we offer. These bits come in a huge variety of sizes and performance and cost-effectiveness levels. KWS Dowel Drill Bits for Through Holes are appropriate for drilling on drilling and boring machines as well as CNC centers. To drill through wood, wood composites, and laBusiness Type: Manufac
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27/03/2023 12:11
CNC 3040 router/4 axis cnc wood engraving machine vertical marble pvc glass wood cnc mini engraving machine
Cnc 3040 Router/4 Axis Cnc Wood Engraving Machine Vertical Marble Pvc Glass Wood Cnc Mini Engraving Machine , Find Complete Details about Cnc 3040 Router/4 Axis Cnc Wood Engraving Machine Vertical Marble Pvc Glass Wood Cnc Mini Engraving Machine,Cnc Mini Engraving Machine,Cnc Pvc Machine Engraving Machine Cnc Glass Engraving Machine,Cnc 3040 Router/4 Axis Cnc Wood Engraving Machine Cnc Marble Engraving Machine from Guangzhou Disen Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd Supplier or Manufacturer ...
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wood polishing machine sanding wood sander machine automatic polishing machine for wood
1. Round bar sanding machine, the main components include base, body, transmission and feeding device. 2. The abrasive belt and the rubber wheel move in opposite directions, so that the round bar to be processed enters from the feed end and automatically rotates. During the rotation, sanding and polishing are performed, and the angle of the rubber wheel is adjusted by adjusting the bolt. The size of the round bar and the requirements of processing accuracy achieve the purpose of adjusting ...
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Pre Stretching Pulled Rotary Auto Wrapping Film Machine for LLDPE
Feature: The stretch film wrapping machine is a device that uses stretch film made of LLDPE to wrap items. Stretch wrapping film provides additional protection for products during storage or transportation to prevent damage, loss, or knockover. It is simple to recycle packaging trash and lessen environmental impact throughout the machine packaging process. It is extensively utilized in the chemical, electrical, construction, home appliance, paper, food, and beverage industries.Business Type: Man
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Reliable Quality Automatic Edge Banding Machine
Reliable Quality Automatic Edge Banding Machine , Find Complete Details about Reliable Quality Automatic Edge Banding Machine,High Quality Edge Banding Machine,Edge Banding Machine,Automatic Edge Banding Machine from Qingdao Guangyuda Machinery Co., Ltd. Supplier or Manufacturer on Alibaba.com...
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