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Timberwolf Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find quick answers to some of our most-often asked questions. If you do not find the any satisfactory answer, please feel free to call us during business hours at (800) 340-4386.

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Why are your tonnage ratings so much lower than your competitors, does that mean yours are not as strong?

Tonnage is a word game used by many of our competitors to make their machines SEEM BIGGER than they actually are. Even though tonnage is a rating based on math, what it really amounts to is that we utilize the best pressure settings to make our splitters split the worst types of wood with ease. We rate our 4 inch versions at a 20 ton rating – and no 4 inch cylinder is going to actually rate higher and they will normally split most any wood that a home owner will need to split. Our 5 inch cylinders are rated at 25 tons, with the exception of our TW-6 that has a specially designed cylinder rated at 28 tons and these are designed to handle the worst types of wood that may have too many knots, hard and dense hard woods with ease!

Why don’t you have more tip up or horizontal/vertical splitters?

Although there is a convenience to having a machine tip up so you do not have to lift those larger chunks of wood, that is not the best way to split wood for both your back and for productivity. With a horizontal/vertical machine you are going to have to tip that big  heavy chunk on end and then have to roll it into place and honestly you will be bent over all of that time to accomplish what a log lift is designed to do with ease with you in an upright position. As far as production goes, a horizontal/vertical is only going to split each piece in half where all of our straight horizontal machines have not only the options of a mechanical lift for the smaller home owner versions or a hydraulic lift for the larger commercial models, they can also take at least a 4 way wedge producing multiple pieces at once and a table grate to catch the wood after it is split so you are not bending over to pick the same pieces up again! We feel that you working in an upright position is much better for you and your back but is also much more productive or as we say – more production with less work and feeling better about all of it!

Why can’t I find the prices and a dealer near me on the site?

We have dealers and distributors thoughout the US as well as overseas. Sometimes we will direct you to one of our distributors to contact for a local dealer near you. As we sell splitters across the country the freight charges may vary based on how far you are from our factory here in Vermont.

What if I want to add a 4 way wedge or table grate later, will I have to bring my splitter back to the dealer to install them?

Both the 4 and 6 way wedges are just slip on attachments that require no tools, they just slide on over the upright wedge. The Table Grates will either slide into the end of the beam on our home owner versions or they just hang on our HD / Commercial models and are easily installed and or removed within seconds by the operator.