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Hot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade Saw

Hot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade Saw
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Hot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade SawHot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade SawHot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade Saw
                           Hot Sale Multiple Square Wood Blade Saw

1. Product introduction:                                                                
This machine is designed for cutting the original wood cutting machine, its main features and performance: the use of the upper and lower shaft structural design, pre-sawing navigation to ensure the accuracy of the template, regardless of the length of the wood can ensure that the sawing timber size tolerance in 0.5MM Within the standard deviation of small size, saving wood, from top to bottom saw shaft, saw blade using professional saw blade, saw the surface smooth, no need to plan, to ensure that no saddle. The use of automatic sub-device to improve the utilization of wood: the pressure roller active, increase the tension, feeding steady, the domestic initiative, the axis of water to cool the saw blade, grease cooling, enhanced blade life, Greatly improve the efficiency; for saw blade is simple and convenient. This product is specialized processing fixed width wood 5CM, each time up to four 5CM wide finished board. Simple operation, not allowed professional band saw master operation, ordinary artificial can operate for the enterprise to save a lot of labor costs. It is suitable for wood processing enterprises such as solid wood flooring, wooden pallets, blockboards, fingerboards and solid wood furniture. It is the necessary production equipment for wood processing enterprises.

2.Machine Features :
(1). Operation safe, semi-automatic feeding system, there is no security risk. The yield is high, and the yield per day (8 hours) is about 20 cube.
(2)Simple operation, just ordinary staff can be processed high-precision sheet. Plate thickness can be freely adjusted to saw the plane, the finished product is smooth, no need to plan.
(3) Ultra-thin saw blade, using a 1.8 - 3mm saw blade. High precision, no size of the first problem, reduce the process, reduce the waste of wood, increase timber utilization.
(4). Cooling dust removal system, so that the blade will not work for a long time at high temperatures to extend the life of the saw blade to reduce dust.

3.Technical parameter                                               
Maximum processing widthinfiniteinfinite
Maximum processing height1-8cm8-16cm
Adjustable speed motor0.75KW1.5kw
Main motor11KW*222kw*2
Speed of mainshaft2800r/m2800r/m
Dimensions (L × W × H)1600*800*1500mm1800*1600*1200mm

Delivery time:7 days after receive clients' payment.
Payment term:T/T,Western Union,or Alibaba Trade Assurance payment.
Valid time:This quotation is valid for 30 days.

5.Quality Guarantee Terms:
Quality guarantee term is for two years. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.

6.Contact Information:
If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.