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Timberwolf PRO HD - Processor Review

Jun 02, 2014
Matt Mackey of Guynan, Ohio, was faced with a dilemma and an opportunity. The dilemma was how to save for retirement during the recession of the 1990s. The opportunity lay in the huge amount of wood left on the ground by local loggers. This is a processor review by Dave Boyt, as reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot magazine.
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Timberwolf TW-PRO HD

Jan 31, 2013
By Bill Gove | Reprinted from IS&WM;, April/May, 1998 Visits to logging operations in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and to the Green Mountains of Vermont showed just how smoothly a firewood processor fits into the mix of getting the most value out of each harvested tree. Each of the operations was using a Timberwolf PRO-HD firewood processor, the largest of the processors made by the Rutl
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Timberwolf TW-2/36 Outdoor Furnace Firewood Splitter

Jul 03, 2006
By Bill Gove | Reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot, July, 2006 Outdoor furnaces have the ability to burn over a long period of time using long sticks of wood. It comes as no surprise that manufacturers of wood splitters were perfectly willing to accommodate the new demand for long wood splitters, and a few have appeared on the market. One is the Timberwolf TW-2/36.
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Timberwolf TW-6 Firewood Splitter

Mar 02, 2006
By Bill Gove | Reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot, March, 2006 The "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont, up along the headwaters of the Connecticut River, is populated by an unusual number of independent and resourceful workers who take pride in their accomplishments. Take Steve Lowery of St. Johnsbury, for example. He operates his family’s gravestone business, does logging and earth moving, and in the
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Timberwolf Firewood Splitters

Sep 01, 2004
By Bill Gove | Reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot, October, 2004 In addition to the large firewood processors, there are a number of well-designed wood splitters on the market that are built to handle large wood and receive tough use. The initial cost of a splitter is less and the energy expended is probably greater, but they are powerful little machines. Here we'll look at one model that is suit
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Sawmill & Woodlot's Wood Processor Review

Apr 01, 1998
by Bill Gove. Reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot Management Every processor, regardless of make, has to incorporate a means to move the long length of firewood forward to be cut. Different schemes have been used—chain feed, overhead grapple, sliding pressure plate—and some of them work quite well. Cost has been a determining factor in the extent of the design sophistication.
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