About Timberwolfcorp

Look through a Timberwolfcorp catalog, check the internet or visit a store and you'll find carving tools from Switzerland, workbenches from Germany, turning tools from England and sharpening stones from Japan. Timberwolfcorp offers everything a wood craftsman needs, all at great prices and under one roof.

By combining digital expertise with personal service, we bridge the gap between the advantages of online business and the strengths of the traditional machinery trade. In addition to comprehensive service, this also includes » Direct Sales, which only a few auction houses offer.

Timberwolfcorp is a global marketplace that makes cross border shopping easy!
At Timberwolfcorp you can buy from retailers across the world in your own language and currency, using recognised payment methods without needing to calculate exchange rates or shipping costs.
We have millions of products available from hundreds of retailers all over the world.
Like all marketplaces we act as the platform provider and commercial agent of our retailers who have authorised us to conclude agreements for the sale of products on their behalf.
We're continuously expanding the products available to customers and hope you find what you’re looking for!

We believe genuine relationships with our customers are the key to their success and ours. Whether you're a do-it-yourself customer or a professional contractor,we listen closely to your needs and deliver solutions that meet-and exceed-your expectations.

Multilingual selection
With numerous locations in Europe, we
make it even easier for our customers to buy or sell machines abroad:
>> Italy
>> United States
>> Spain
>> Germany
>> France
>> Korea
>> Poland
>> Turkey
>> Austria
>> Vietnam
>> Czech Republic
>> Japan
>> Hungary
>> India
>> The Netherlands
>> Malaysia
>> Russia
>> Thailand